January, full of trials but man am I changing!

Published on: January 2, 2013

Hey brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As many of you know this past year God has really been changing me, moving me, molding me, and burning impurities put of my life. The sin is floating to the top and is being scraped off by the Holy Spirit. I have never in my life been so on fire for Jesus.

It’s a massive change that is so beautiful and awe inspiring. I actually have become 100% SOLD OUT for Jesus.   I returned from spending a week at World Revival Church in Kansas City and worshiping for hours and hours gave me a breakthrough that was amazing.  During worship I felt the Holy Spirit on my face like a warm, loving, fog that healed me inside and at the same time gave me instant wisdom from above.

I felt God calling me to evangelize here in Seattle,  and as he allows to other parts of the world as well.  I love to introduce people to Jesus, and most importantly let them know the love that Jesus has for them. I have started a ministry called “Seattle Revival” and you can find it at www.seattlerevival.com.  God gave me $25,000.00 to start his ministry and I am currently looking for space on the East side. Please pray that I find a building I can lease! Please pray that God provides me with a worship leader that is anointed and on fire for revival and the spirit of God.

Thanks to all my fans over the years for support. It looks like sometime in March I may be going to Uganda to do an outreach there and do the lords work. Please pray for me.

I feel that God is pulling me away from music and putting me where he wants me. So many trials have come my way, so many changes I am going through. As many of you know I have been going through a very rough time and now I yearn to be close to God, to trust in him 100%, to be an instrument for him and not me.  I pray that God uses me and changes me to be more like him.

Yours in Christ,