August and

Published on: August 4, 2015

IMG_9106I am very excited!

God is really beginning to open up doors for me and I am learning to really push into him with full faith like never before.  The more faith I have in him, the more doors open for me and while I always somehow knew in my soul this is how it worked spiritually, doing it was another story and I am proud of myself for letting go of financial worry and concern to serve him more and more.

Let me report to all that are on the fence to stop worrying about your bills. It’s so hard to “wind down” and not work full time. I have been blessed to have had a good part time internet and music career for all of these years but now its all about winning souls and God is opening the doors for me and they are open wide!

My first testimony is with God’s help, I designed a small little postcard and had it sent out to all of the people that live near my church.  ONE new person showed up on Thursday and I am hoping others show up this Thursday as more postcards show up to hear the word.

I am also happy that after almost two months of negotiating with the officials at tent city,  it seems that I “might” be able to pick up the homeless people at “tent city” off of I-90 in the ministry suburban around 5PM, and then shuttle them back to tent city after the bible study is over.  This would be awesome because these people need the word of God so bad.

The third testimony is that on average God has been using me to teach, reach, and bring to church on Sunday so many people lately. It’s as if all of the seeds that have been sown over the last few years are sprouting….. Praise Jesus and I pray that I am faithful with what God has given me.