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Phil is no longer recording music and currently he is devoted to building a grassroots ministry called

Phil spends most of his time these days reaching out to the lost in Seattle, and working on a his novel “Agenda”, which will detail how search engines and social media are being used by the enemy.

While Phil has recorded several full length CD’s in his career, he has only released three albums.

73 other miscellaneous songs and recordings which include contributions from many well known artists such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Scott Rockenfeld of Queensryche, and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden Phil has decided to put in a safe that his children will inherit upon his death.

Of the three CD’s released,  Wounded soul Phil’s first album sold over a three million street copies in South America during 1996-2001 and garnished over 8 million downloads.

The song Cobble Stone streets and Windey Road are still in rotation on many radio stations around the world and has sold over 1.9 million street copies all over Latin America. While the album did well overseas, it was never released here in the United States.

New Believer, Phil’s Christian album was recorded at Robert Lang studios in Seattle in 2012 and was written for new believers and Christians that know what its like to serve on the front lines for Christ. It’s an honest album of how hard it is to be a Christian.

As of December of 2014, “New Believer” has received over 19 million downloads from all across the globe but the album was never released.

A small run of 25,000 CD’s is on Lifeway stores nationwide.

Norm Stockton, Ed Kerr, and many well known Christian artist from all over the globe came together for this body of work including Ed Kerr, whose anointed piano can be heard on “Road through the wilderness”.

The X Box Boys was a band Phil founded in 2011 with Vandetta Red drummer Joseph Childress. Fischer wrote songs about Xbox video games. The band quickly shot to # 2 on The singles Cortana, and Hard and Getting Close to you received over 10 million downloads. As you can see from the bands old Myspace page the band had over 20 Million downloads. The Xbox Boys broke up only a year after they formed when Microsoft issued a cease and desist. Even though Microsoft issued a cease and desist prohibiting the band from using the name the band performed one last concert using the name “The Xbox Boys” in Kirkland, Washington in 2012 that drew over 10,000 people to the Kirkland Waterfront.

While Phil still composes music, he now spends his time spreading the word of God on Thursday nights at and on Saturday nights he occasionally does outreaches in downtown Seattle.

Phil also ministers in places like Pakistan and Hebron, Palestine.

Although his CD’s are available at Lifeway nationwide, you can download all of Phil’s music, including The Xbox Boys music right here for free.

Send a free link to a struggling believer or someone in a trial that needs encouragement. Phil does not charge for the word of God, please download free music!

Wounded Soul
New Believer
Chronicles of the Orb