January fruit sprouts!

Published on: January 15, 2017

God bless you and thank you so much for traveling with me through this amazing life with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so excited because this month we had 32 people at service last Thursday! I know that we’re not supposed to measure our success by the number of people that come into a ministry because it’s God’s ministry not ours, but I am very excited that fruit has been cropping up on this tree that seemed to be barren for years.

I was prideful for most of the day until the Holy Spirit reminded me that I need to humble myself and remember that no one came for the first seven months. I would go to our church, open up the room, set up the chairs, set up the music stands and the guitars, and no one would come. I would lead worship and deep down inside I was so embarrassed because people would walk by the windows and peek in and not see anybody at all. Many of the church members on the worship team would smirk or laugh and asking me who I was leading worship for.

It was very humbling, and I remember one time when I was really depressed it was raining so hard outside and I was singing “Shout to the Lord” in an empty room all alone and one night I remember looking in the corner and seeing a spiderweb with a small spider in it. He was just staring at me and I thought to myself that even creatures such as the spider need to hear the word of God. I held onto that and preached the gospel.  Every Thursday night I would watch that spider and I would preach to it and worship with him. The whole time I would hope and pray that someone would come.

That is why I am happy that so many people came because that is a lot of fruit on the tree and its not been easy. There have been so many distractions and obstacles since the Lord had me start this ministry and Iv’e had to navigate through them all. People come into the ministry and stay for a few weeks and act like they want to serve but then leave. Others ask for a salary to lead worship or to teach the word of God. God has taught me that you really do not know the true motives of people until you serve with them. So many have come into our ministry only to ask for money. I could never take money to preach the word of God and I work ten hours a day to be able to teach the word of God.

David took an offering once a month and paid the worship leaders and others in the church. Its OK to take an offering because the bible tells us so. When people sow seed to pay the pastor or teacher or worship leader that is biblical. That’s OK because that is God’s money.

Lord please keep me humble and please bless me financially father God so that I can continue to take care of my children and my wife and my mom and my dad. I also pray that Seattlerevival.com grows Lord, and I am able to rent the park for three days next summer to preach the gospel.

I also ask for prayer for wisdom on what to do with Jesuslives.com.   Please come to the park in Bellevue on Saturdays if you need prayer. I am out there all alone sometimes! Look for our tent!

Seattlerevival.com tent

Seattlerevival.com tent!

Please pray for me brothers and sisters