August- Keep your eyes on him your coming out of it!

Published on: August 18, 2014

This August was church camp at my church and it was an amazing time to spend with God, listing to sermons, and having fellowship.  16 hours a day we pushed into God and on the last day God began to show his mercy and grace upon me and I felt in the Holy Spirit that he loves me and is changing me for a season coming soon.

Many of you share with me your heartaches and troubles and I am telling you right now to keep your eyes on Jesus, you are coming out of it.  He is preparing us, getting us ready for a season of harvest.

Don’t worry about impressing the world anymore, just keep your eyes on Jesus and try impressing Jesus and serving him the best you can. With each passing hour, day and month God changes us more and more to be more like him. He burns out our sins one at a time and they are hard to let go, some you have been carrying for years and years. I know it took me years to quit smoking. It was not easy, but not it’s been three years and I am so glad to be rid of that sin.

That is what is happening this season is that God is preparing his church in Seattle and that means he is preparing me AND you for a better season.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and if you find yourself in Seattle on a Thursday evening please come to service at 7:30 PM.