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Do you feel like a puppet?

Published on: June 21, 2019

I had the opportunity this June to get unplugged from the world and
dive into the remote wilderness for six whole days with no TV, cell phones, websites, and or anything electronic at all.

Just time with myself sleeping, thinking; it was intoxicating beyond words.

I completely managed to “de tune” out any frequency that came from any type of device as we were out of cell service by miles. I am not kidding for two days I could hear a “ring” in my head. It was a frequency that played over and over and over again. Thanks be to God it went away eventually and the moment i could not hear a “whine” I began to feel like I was healing from something that I did not know about, nor could understand.

However, all of this ended when I hit civilization 7 days later and my phone was turned on. As I watched my VM’s slowly load on my phone, I looked out the window of the 64th floor of the Columbia Center and all of the people seemed lost. They all walked aimlessly in this direction or that direction and it make me wonder if they know there is someone that can set them free.

They looked like they all were controlled somehow by some force that has enslaved them.

I had returned to civilization to discover that we are puppets.

My mission is to set them free with the love of Jesus Christ.