March, pulling out!

Published on: March 5, 2013

March has been so wonderful. Thank you so much Jesus for changes that have come my way. So far this month, not ONE bad thing has happened.

Spring is the time of new beginning. Old is gone; new has come. Where dead figs once lay like residue, fresh blossoms begin to appear. How awesome!

I can report that I really feel as though the trials are lifting. The more I push, the more I humble, the more I admit it’s me, the more I say “less of me, more of you” the trials fade, the sales increase, and I can feel his love.

I take spring as a reminder from God that He loves new beginnings. When everything feels dead and dull and barren, God gives life. I love this about Jesus and I hope and pray that I maintain my pledge to try and be a good example of Christ.

Now, as I look out the window and see the grass’s green growing in its vibrancy, the trees budding, and finally, after a long Washington winter, the sun shining on all in sight I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness. Like spring, God never fails to show up. He’ll never forsake us. With this thought, my heart swells. He has corrected me, taught me, changed me, and now I feel him loving me.

Today, let us be reminded of his sovereignty. His leadership is perfect.  And, for this, I will worship Him and tell others about him. Whether musical success or failure is around the corner, this is about Jesus for me. Through my music, my life, my success and my failure: “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.” (The Moravians)