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Growing Attendance at Jesus Lives!

Published on: August 1, 2020

It’s such a great thing to see new faces at the church when I go to teach the people there. Jesus

has truly blessed me with the ability to spread his word and I’m so proud to be able to deliver it.

Recently, there’s been so many people attending the Jesus Lives meetings. It’s our goal to change lives and there are just such a huge number of people ready to open up to the Lord and have their lives saved and changed by grace. What a blessing! Not only is it great that they are thirsty for the word of the Lord but they also keep coming.

One of my greatest pleasures is being able to help in the reclaiming of their spiritual lives. My only hope is that the Lord will continue to allow me to preach here. Jesus Lives often faces the struggle of being kicked out of the homeless shelter for preaching especially because of the pandemic. I’m confident that as more of our brothers and sisters show up, we won’t face as much of a threat for being shut down.

Pray that God will let us continue even through the troubling times of the pandemic. Thank God for the work He has done to get me here and to gather us together in His name. Pray that everyone who attends the church meetings will be healed through His grace.

Brother Phil