Israel and Palistine were amazing

Published on: February 12, 2015

My trip to Israel, Palestine, and Iraq was so amazing.

The whole area of Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq and Syria are steeped in ancient history and you can feel it when you go there.

I am so  glad I listened to the Holy Spirit and took a month off to spend it with God in this amazing land.

What a privilege it was to  share the love of Jesus in Palestine and Jordan and to visit special places like old Jerusalem that is clouded in mystery and filled with Jasmin in the air.  The Kidron valley runs twenty miles into the dead sea and I was there walking along it’s paths next to the tomb of Absalom.

It was eye opening on so many levels.


Bedouin guide into Iraq

Bedouin guide got us into Iraq

I also traveled to Amman Jordan for three wonderful days. I rented a good 4×4 and traveled to east where I met with some guides along the border that managed to get me into Iraq through the valley.  That evening a large Bedouin tent city was laid out across the desert in western Iraq and I managed to spend the evening with them doing the Hooka and Lamb.  Awesome experience.

The Jordan where it dumps into the Sea of Galilee.

The Jordan where it dumps into the Sea of Galilee.


The Jordan river is a slow moving river that gains momentum as it gets near the sea of Galilee.  I marched through the brush but this is right before where the Jordan dumps into the Sea of Galilee.  Its such a slow moving river, and there is rocks here one can walk down, etc… I wonder if this is the place where John baptized the masses. This is just a small 20 minute walk from Capernum.





Entrance to Iraq through the valley


After a long drive got to Mofraq, which is a small village on the Iraq border, it was only three hours into IRAQ.

Its not allowed to travel to Iraq because the border crossing is closed but thanks to a couple of villagers and an old trail through a valley, I made it through. It only cost me a used GOPRO 2,  and as a result was able to visit tent city, a Bedouin tribe that lives in Iraq and travels all over.










Sunni Family on the border

This Sunni family are refugees of the war and they were nice enough to invite me to a dinner of dinner’s. The whole family cooked a goat and lamb and stuffed it with rice and cream sauce!

What surprised me is that she listened to my testimony and allowed me to pray and say Grace.