March Music Madness

Published on: March 5, 2010

It would be a severe understatement to say that my entrance into the Christian music industry has been a roller coaster ride.

8 million downloads why won’t anyone spin me.

I’ve experienced the heights of success and the lows of failure. I’ve gained new fans and lost old ones. I’ve written hits, busts, and everything in between.

Some crowds give me as warm a reception you could ask for, while others have me reeling in discomfort and outcastedness.

Some promises are fulfilled; others are forgotten. Some days are rosy, some are average, and others have me wanting to quit.

At times, the lack of control over all of this is exasperating. “I want to drive the roller coaster!” I scream inside. “I want control!”

In the end I am NOT paying clear channel 250K. I don’t need radio play that bad.  What a shame this industry has become.  It’s dirtier here than it was in the world scene.

Yet, when chaos is the norm–– when criticism, failure, and mundaneness haunt me–– I remember the words of the fellow songwriter, the psalmist, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Such an understanding keeps me at it. I’m being led by the One who formed me in my mother’s womb. The Lord, He is my shepherd, and I shall not want. He leads me through green pastures and beside still waters. He, the divine roller coaster operator, is in control. And He has my best interest in mind.

Today, let us be reminded of his sovereignty. His leadership is perfect. And, for this, I will worship Him.

Whether musical success or failure is around the corner, this is about Jesus for me. Through my music, my life, my success and my failure: “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.” (The Moravians)