October is time to thank Jesus!

Published on: October 3, 2013

October marks the anniversary of what I can safely say has been the most trying and exhausting 12 months of life!   What a ride this has been!

Last night at bible study we discussed what an unusual year it has been for everyone,  and we had special prayer for my family and also for those going through hardships.

Instead of feeling upset and annoyed we all agreed in prayer to thank God for the wonderful things he has done for all of us. He is teaching us by going through this.  I began to slowly thank him for my home, my wife, my kids and even the daily blessings of having food on the table and stable income.

I am also thankful for Lifeway Christian stores deciding to distribute my CD  “New Believer” nationwide in stores.  When you start to think of it, Jesus has blessed all of us in ways we cannot imagine.  This is not a time to feel sorry for ourselves, but a time of great Joy and worship.

What has happened is that Satan has dealt us all a blow of Low Self Esteem, including me!  This is an EASY trap to fall into and the subject of teaching last night.  Let’s take October to get right with God again and get ready for a new year!