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January is a new start!

Published on: January 20, 2016

There is nothing better than a new start in your life, and that means loving Jesus like never before. This year I made a commitment to push in like never before and that meant cutting the fat in places that it hurts. We all need to take out the trash and what I discovered after soul searching through Christmas is that I had allot of trash to take out.

Do you have any boxes that need to be taken out to the trash or do you leave them in the garage as I did? I had to get rid of some habits and even some Friends. I needed to say good-bye to anything that was not leading me to Christ. Habits I needed to leave behind. Acquaintances that are never going to embrace my lifestyle.  Its hard.

Is any of this ringing in you? Maybe its time to clean your plate.

Pray about that friend that keeps asking you to drink or that situation that keep bugging you. Pray about a spouse that is not saved yet.  January is a time for change and a time to create Godly habits. Create Godly habits that force you to change into the man or woman you want to be and watch your self prosper.

God takes care of the children that honor him and that means he will take care of us. Make a new start!