July is full of hope

Published on: July 11, 2013

It’s been a tough year for me.

I know it has been for you too because I read your emails, all of them. God bless you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I often times complain, reveal, and express the way I feel with my diary and I leave some embarrassing things from years past on here so that you can know that I am a sinner, a horrible sinner that has changed as a result of my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Knowing many of you are going through trials of many kinds how can I sit here as a shepherd and complain about my problems?

Managing a dot com business AND taking care of my mother as well as providing for my wife and three toddlers AND running two ministries has been a struggle.   There is no doubt about that, but what blessings I have. Why do I complain…

Additional problems that Satan throws your way can sometimes wear us down to the point of wanting to give up. I know many brothers that are backsliding into sin again.  I know what that feels like to want to return to the world but its not worth it and I want all of you to know that it’s not easy walking with Jesus, or in my case “trying” to walk a path that is pleasing to God.  I say “trying” because I too am trying to better myself.

I quit drugs, drinking, and two years ago today I quit smoking. I quit cussing, procrastination, and other bad habits. I need to work on so many more. My pride, my arrogance, my worry. It’s hard and you still feel so tired.  I know, your not alone.

Sometimes I get angry and sometimes I want to give up but when I start to worry or feel upset I take a time out in my prayer closet. I want you to pray too. Right now.

I want everyone that is in crisis to pray this prayer right now in the name if Yeshua.

I pray for all of the deceit that the enemy throws my way using innocent puppets to steal my joy and try to destroy my ministry fade away in the name of Jesus.  I pray that strongholds are broken down. I pray for healing, divine healing over my family, my mother, and my business.

You can pray this:

In the name of Yeshua and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I break all witchcraft and word curses that have been spoken over me and my loved ones. I bind all spoken judgments we have made against ourselves and others. I bind the power of negative words from ourselves and others off of us. I bind, rebuke and bring to no effect over me and _____all division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, fear spirits, fear of lack, murmuring spirits, complaining spirits, hindering spirits, retaliatory spirits, deceiving spirits, religious spirits, occult spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits of depression and sadness and antichrist spirits. All foolishness, seduction, immorality, unbelief, idolatry, confederacy, ignorance, accidents, confusion, despisement, accusation, fraud, sickness, judgementalness, apathetic spirits, lack of self control and self discipline, disrespect, superstition, stagnation, gluttony, internal and external diseases, headaches, blaming and misunderstandings.

The good news? After 12 years to the day my church gives me the Fireside room to run Seattle Revival! We have new digs! www.seattlerevival.com