June brings wisdom

Published on: June 23, 2014

I love it when God reveals things to us and we finally “get it”.

Beginning with my very first encounter with the Holy Spirit ten years ago,  I have slowly noticed that during the times when I am on fire for Christ the most such as when I am in my prayer room, or at a revival service, I begin to feel at a greater frequency the burn of the spirit.  I know we have all experienced the Holy Spirit when we push into God, and sometimes during these private times with God we get “japped” with wisdom that we can use that is often pertaining to our particular giftings.

In my case it’s always small pieces of a strange puzzle that only when two of the pieces are put together does it become clear to me what it was all about and God always puts the pieces together just when I need them the most.

When these bits of spiritual wisdom come together, they are always about Bible history, the way the enemy is working here on earth, the human race, places I need to go, or strange know-how about people that I first meet.

For example, when I shake someone’s hand or meet someone new (that is coming to church or visiting a service) I get a ‘feeling’ about that person and at the least some sort of background as in what they are concerned about, or a glimpse of a burden they are carrying which is often the reason they come to church in the first place.

Even when I am at home watching a movie, I can immediately ‘feel’ that familiar cold spirit of the enemy (there are 1209 I have classified) working to influence the subliminal minds of impressionable souls.

This demonic “reprogramming” of each generation as they roll out on the world stage is nothing new and has been one of the most common of  tactics the enemy has used since the time of Eve and with each new generation he targets, the enemy pushes the envelope  of influence just a little more.  Since the 30’s, he has turned TV into his own private advertising medium that now for the most part bends to his will.

I see these spirits at work continually on television and we at the point now where most of the children living in the world, even as young as toddlers, are oblivious to the violence on television and it saddens me when I realize that.  They have been conditioned that this is ‘normal’.

I recently visited one of my worldly friends and while I was waiting in the dining room, I could see his 5 and 8 year old playing Call of Duty Black Ops.  I could hear kids cussing, gunfire, and as I watched them play and looked at their eyes, I noticed these kids were “conditioned” to the violence. Mission accomplished.

For example, one such spirit enters powerful media people that are in a position to influence others.  I call this spirit ‘the destroyer spirit’ because this spirits main goal is to display the church in such a way through film and TV that the individuals watching these images subliminally are taught that the church is meaningless, does not work, and is not the answer they are seeking.

To succeed at creating this impression to influence new generations, the enemy targets powerful people in media that he can influence easily and I notice that they all have many things in common. One is having a history of hating Christians. I notice that as they begin to do the enemies bidding, the enemy awards them financially for it and puts these ‘puppets’ into contact with other souls infected with the same demon and together they work in perfect harmony to accomplish his goals of destroying the church.

I was watching War of the World’s last night for the first time  (I know, late to the game but not a Tom Cruise fan) and there it was.  That feeling.  I felt the hair’s on my neck stand up and seconds later here came the ‘destroy the church’ scene.  I noticed the enemy has become even MORE emboldened in the last 20 years.  Let me show you something and the way the enemy works.

Go and watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVRlvZFNBYg and pay CLOSE attention to seconds 50-58. The ‘falling’ steeple scene says it all.  Scene is awesome at showing the church won’t save us huh?  Again, the enemy puts the perfect soul matches together with Actor/director to make the best impression they can.

Seems insignificant until one realizes this is happening tens of thousands of times a day in radio, TV, and the internet.

Now let’s look at another video taken almost 20 years earlier to the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM5EYO5wWMA and pay close attention to the seconds 2:58 to 3:04.  Notice something similar? Same Director.

The enemy has been at this for years and it’s kind of scary in some ways and a blessing in others to understand how this all works. For years I could not understand why God was giving me this ‘spirit wisdom’  and not the ability to “use” it within my church, and it just led to my confusion. Why am I the only one in my circle of influence that seems to know how the enemy is working through music, reality TV, and gaming?

For years and years I often wondered about what my role was the Kingdom was.  Have you ever wondered what your role was?  I often times find myself wondering, thinking, and even pleading to God to tell me what it is he wants me to do in the Kingdom.

What am I supposed to do?  Often times I cry out to God for an answer.

Please pray God guides me through these times of trial in my life and also times of great learning.

In him-