June Diary Still Fighting

Published on: June 1, 2013

I am so glad June is here. Praise Jesus.  I woke up feeling different this morning, I don’t know why.

My three kids came flying into our bed this morning and we watched Bug’s Bunny for two hours. I made them “Dad’s toast and egg’s” and then I was in such a good mood that I did not do anything when my 190 pound Bull Mastiff dragged off three toasts off the table. I love my family, and thank you Jesus for every minute with them.

I am holding onto James this year.

“Count it all Joy” has become my new slogan and my new attitude.  I finally reached a level of Christianity today that is amazing. I now lay all of my problems, concerns, worries, and anger at the foot of the cross. My new promise. I have arrived at the realization through Jesus that I can no longer take care of my problems on my own. I realize now that man is nothing without God.  I cant make it without Jesus in my life, and I cast all of my cares upon him.

I choose to be grateful for the wonderful things such as my wife, my kids, my church, and my friends.  I refuse to worry about my Mom, and her situation. I know that God will work it out for her. I know she will find a care provider full time and that she will be able to learn to get around in a wheel chair, and get back into the swing of things.  I pray that I am able to sell the restaurant for my Dad, and that they can make it through this trial which has been both a financial and emotional roller coaster for our family. With the economy problems, the company issues, and day to day worries this was probably the biggest trial of my life.

Father God, I lift up to you Lord everyone who has a Mom or a Dad that is sick or in need of healthcare. The insurance runs out Lord, but you never run out. You will provide for my Mom Lord because you are the most loving and most wonderful Father in the world. You will carve out a way Father. I know you will.

I know you are there Lord for my Mom, because I feel you father.  I am changing too. I pray that June brings change, more change. Keep changing me Lord, turning me into the man you want me to be.

Brother Phil