Published on: June 6, 2010

Dear Diary,

A bunch of us at the Tea Party Patriots were just audited for everything we have been doing and I found out they have been reading my emails.

I never joined the group, but I did blow them up everywhere and this is what I get. Even the government is dirty.

July 2010 has arrived, and as a resident of Seattle, I find myself reflecting on the challenges that our world faces during this time. From the vantage point of our city, several pressing issues demand our attention and thoughtful consideration.

Issues such as poverty, discrimination, and access to education and healthcare persist. As a resident of Seattle, I feel compelled to be an advocate for justice, actively supporting initiatives that promote equality and dignity for all but the only way to do this is through Christ.

Pray for me that the IRS leaves me alone. I have no idea how to do accounting, or my books.

Brother Phil