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Keeping Christ in Our Thoughts Even During the Pandemic

Published on: December 1, 2020

One of my favorite times of the year is when the world begins preparing for the birth of the Lord. It’s when I begin to see even more faces at Jesus Lives ministry and I love having more guests. As the excitement of the holiday builds, I take extra time to praise the Lord.

It’s such a wonderful time to be in God’s presence and to truly understand how much He impacts our daily lives. What an amazing feeling to know that there is a higher, divine being watching over us! I try to invite as many people to my teachings as possible and say “Merry Christmas” to that many more. It really does pay to be kind but I’m not looking for anything but the

Although Thanksgiving was only about a month ago, I still love to reflect with my family on all of the things we are grateful for; the good, the hardships, and the struggles that have happened in the past year. I also try to be as welcoming as I can.

In a way we can look at this as not only the birth of Jesus, but His actual birthday and celebrate it as such. That’s a bit of what Christmas is after all. My family and I spend this time together to celebrate and think of all the ways in our lives that He has helped us through hard times, given us gifts, and done unexplainable things for us.

The Lord is always with us all, especially in this time of deep reflection and celebration. Remember to thank our savior this season as our families can see each other–and if you can’t this season because of the pandemic, thank Him for the technology to call, video chat, or message your family members.

We are blessed to have everything He has sacrifices for us. Merry Christmas all.

Your loving,

Brother Phil