March means trusting in God

Published on: March 17, 2015

Many of you email me about your trials, problems, and situations and together we pay through all of the concerns but lately God has really began teaching me about the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer. Prayer is so powerful. It really is but only if you have sincere faith.

I have to admit I have not been much of a prayer warrior, but God is teaching me that prayer works, and I am starting to see how prayer works in my own life.  Seeing what happens in the spirit world and how it effects what happens on earth is amazing. Prayer is often slow, but man is it powerful if you truly believe.

So many times something has come against my family and prayer has pulled us through. So many times I have had my back against the wall and prayer has pulled us through.

I want you to learn how to rely on Prayer to pull you through. Have faith when you pray. Believe every word and take it for granted that it was heard and change and you will see change if you stay strong. Don’t backslide. Don’t give up.

This month I have also noticed that the Holy Spirit is working in so many people’s lives.  My bible study members on Wednesday are seeing breakthrough’s and many in my Thursday group are pushing in like never before.

I notice new believers with hands in the air and many on their knees during worship for the first time since God had me start this small ministry, and that really gives me incentive. Sometimes I want to give up. I pass out 200 cards and ONE person comes. I talk about Jesus to so many people during a regular week and many promise to come, but maybe we get only ONE person.

I try not to loose faith but last Thursday when I saw them on their knees I thanked God for using me in this manner and it renewed my faith that I am doing the right thing for Jesus.

Please do the right thing in your life. Have faith in him that he will see you through and he will.

What a pleasure it is when you stand on faith (sometimes that’s all we got) and get the breakthrough. Its so amazing and I want each of you to experience this for yourself.


Yours in Christ,