May means pushing in!

Published on: May 28, 2015

So many of you email and call about this happening or something that has suddenly caused you loss of sleep and endless days of day worry.

Please Brothers and Sisters, trust in the Lord and that means taking this time to praise him and push in and NOT worry about anything. You are under his protection!

Try to remember what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, everything we do here in Earth for worldly riches mean NOTHING.  He said it was like chasing “the wind”.  Here was a man that had it all, concubines, riches, Gold, flocks and slaves of every race. He tried to find pleasure only to learn that apart from God we are nothing.  The only thing to do under the sun is to enjoy good food and good drinks among friends, because this is from God.

Please come to service on Thursday if you cannot make Sunday and spend time with God with us. Praise him with us at 7:30. Were not large, just a few people but we are on fire for Jesus and would love to help you learn the true way to riches, through Christ our Lord.