Miracles in February

Published on: February 3, 2017

I need to thank Jesus for February 2nd, 2017.

Jesus is really sprouting fruit on Thursday nights at Jesuslives.com in that small room with a warm fire in Bellevue that was empty for the first 8 months I started it. I almost gave up during my “time of testing” and last Thursday there was 22 people total in attendance and I thought that I was going to cry. Thank you Jesus, thank you so much. I know its not about numbers but its also sad to be alone.

I am going to keep my promise to God. I will continue to teach the gospel every Thursday night and I will continue to keep my eyes focused on you Lord, especially now when there is so much spiritual warfare in the air. Seattle is on fire, as are many cities and I want to be used Lord to usher in your sheep Lord. I know this is the final harvest.

Please equip me to father and keep me close father. Let me not get caught off guard.

Father God I pray for Jesuslives.com and I pray for our members. We sing out of tune, we don’t pay our teachers or the worship leaders Lord. They don’t want to be paid, they want to serve. Father, please bring more souls in Lord. People are afraid and confused.