November and a praise report

Published on: November 18, 2013

Praise Jesus and I give him all of the glory.

I love November because it means Christmas is right around the corner and that is my families favorite time of the year.  We love Christmas, getting the lights up, and most importantly we love honoring the birth of our Savior. It’s a special time for our family to spend with friends and family and its also a good time to reach out to new people.

As many of you know this year was riddled with trials of many kinds and it seemed like my small family of 5 was out to sea in a storm. Never had the enemy attacked me so viciously as he did at the end of 2012/13.   So many trials.  Little ones and big ones.  God used one large trial to teach me to “be still” and to “be patient” and most of all to learn to “have real faith” in him to accomplish all things.  I learned a valuable lesson this year.  I thought I had faith, but you never really know how strong your faith is until you are in the heat of battle and the enemy is on full offensive.

I learned this year that my faith was not as strong as I thought it was.

I was up against an impossible demonic situation that in the eyes of the world there seemed to be no way out of.  Low and behold Jesus came through for me at the last minute and the situation was not only resolved but in my favor. The lies of the enemy could not survive the spirit of truth. It was amazing to be set free from this situation and to God be the glory as always.

I am making a promise to spend even more time with you Lord and get to know you even better than I do already.   I also promise to dive in deeper to the ministry you have given me Lord and I am trying to get more time to serve you as we speak.  I want to serve you full time Lord.

Thank you so much Jesus for all that you have done for my family.