November- Falling leaves

Published on: December 4, 2017

The leaves are falling in Seattle and so is the rain, good grief 11 inches in two days and its not letting up! The good news is that everyone is on fire for and people are coming from all walks of life. I am so happy that people are receiving the love of Jesus Christ and I am happy that God is using me to spread the Gospel in this way.

I want to thank Jesus for the blessing he gave to me and I will use that money for the gospel, I promise.

I went to see Rodney Howard Browne and he confirmed my Azuza Now prophecy of spreading the gospel to the homeless in Seattle. Picked me out of the room and hit me so hard the Holy Spirit hit everyone around me. We are actively looking for a building in SODO district to make our own to spread the Gospel.

Please pray that Jesus Lives get’s facilities in Seattle and that we get them SOON! I want to thank everyone on the worship team for sticking with me and all of the members that receive an honest word from a sinner like me.


Looking forward to Christmas!