October and a major breakthrough

Published on: October 3, 2014

I am so thankful for our Lord Jesus Christ and for the many challenges that have presented themselves to my wife and I over the last two years.

We have been changed so much and I am so thankful to God to be so close to him right now. It seems like my whole family raised up a level in our commitment to Jesus and in our anointing.

The trials, the tribulations, the gossip, the late nights of prayer, the serving when it hurt, and the ungratefulness of others have sanded Jamael and I into a God machine ready to serve his purposes here in Seattle.  My wife is serving with me now and it’s so powerful.

Tonight I came into revival service and I did not want to be there.  I have never felt this way before. Sometimes people do not show up and I find myself all alone preaching the word and I admit that I was tired this evening, and I just wanted to “take the night off”.

I said a prayer and I mustered the courage and went in and started to set up the chairs, the overhead projector, and as I started to tune my guitar when I heard a voice of a new member who I have been reaching out to for months say “Phil?”. She and her son came into the church and stayed for the whole service.  She was touched by God and I felt the Holy Spirit so heavy in this place tonight and the spirit revealed to me that when you are going against the grain, you are in God’s will.

Tonight I truly learned what it meant to be in service to the Kingdom.

God bless all of you and if you find yourself in Bellevue on a Thursday evening please come and visit us at 7:30 PM.

Yours in Christ,