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Rainy June

Published on: July 5, 2018

Dear Diary-

I am so grateful and happy that the ministry that God gave me is growing. Last night we had 43 people in attendance not counting the kids. I know its not about the number, but I thought back today to two years ago when I would set out three chairs and no one would come. I was reminded of the three chairs I used to set out, hoping and praying for someone to come.

One night in 2016 I was so discouraged. Another night of coming alone to an empty room wondering if this is what God really wants. Satan had me thinking I did not hear from God clearly, and I was so discouraged. Then right when hope seemed to fade,  those finches came and rested in the tree right by the window of Jesuslives, a huge amount of them. They stayed there, by the window until my sermon was done then they flew off. The night those birds came gave me hope. I was so discouraged.

My mother in law told me that those long six months when no one came was when God was testing me to see if I was faithful.

We continue to pray for a building somewhere on Highway 99 to reach the lost, please pray for us.

I also want to thank one of the members, Denise for brining a box to take offerings. We don’t ask for money at Jesus lives but she convinced me to set a box in the back of the room to allow for “free will” offerings. Tonight people gave a total of $69.33 and I am so grateful, it paid for part of the food and that was a blessing.

Brother Phil