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Seattle in the Summer

Published on: July 1, 2020

It’s summer and that means hot! It reached almost 95 degrees yesterday as I was preaching. Those fans that I purchased a few years ago are really coming in handy around the church every summer. It’s been very hard keeping things cooled off for all of the people who are coming recently but going to the church a bit early to turn them on has continued to make it pleasant for all of our brothers and sisters.

It makes me so happy to see Jesus Lives growing this big. It’s been almost a year since I was contacted by a large ministry to preach for the homeless people in tent city. Recalling this makes me so happy, it’s almost like remembering the time my life changed forever.

It’s proof that whenever you are going through something that seems impossible to do, or a mountain that seems impossible to climb, the Lord is always there to help guide you through it. This time of year especially reminds me of all the time I spent preaching alone, taking the time I had and giving it to the Lord. Now He has given me people to listen to the words He has given me. It makes me truly happy to have ears listening to what God has to say.

Remember, God always has a plan for us. Patience is often involved in receiving his blessings. Keep the faith with you brothers and sisters and remember that no matter the weather God always fulfills his promises to us. Even though it’s hot, it’s important to continue to thank Him for all He does for us!

Brother Phil