September is full of color

Published on: September 8, 2014

Seattle is slowly falling out of what will go down in history as the best summer we have ever experienced.

Only a few days of rain and almost four months of sunshine with temperatures that would soar to over 90 degrees during some days in August.  It was an amazing time to serve God in the Northwest and for the first time many Northwest Christian’s enjoyed outdoor spirit led revival services.  Last Saturday we spent the afternoon reaching out at West lake Park in Seattle  to the homeless and we gave out free water all afternoon and I was able to pray for several homeless people that visited there.

Many of our worship teams from New Hope played during the afternoon and it was really amazing to see people stop and listen to the word of God if only for a few minutes. Some came because they “felt something” and some stayed the whole afternoon. Amazing day to serve the Lord.

We met a ministry called Mathew 25 that goes from city to city to give to the homeless and they came there to give out sleeping bags and it was an amazing afternoon.

September continues to be a time of great change for my wife and I as God is continuing to shape us and change us to use us for something I do not yet comprehend.

Please pray for us as we continue to serve in Seattle and the Northwest. If you are in Seattle and find yourself with nothing to do on Thursday evening, please visit us at and or call 425-242-6100 and someone will come to pick you up and bring you to service.

In him,