September Leaves

Published on: September 7, 2017

September is an awesome time in Seattle because the leaves turn Gold and it begins to rain. Normally I would not wish the rain but it could not come sooner than it did this year because as you know the summer was long and it was hot. 94 days with no rain. We had to set up air conditioners in several places for service on Thursday. It was upwards of 98 degrees on some days and that is too hot for Seattle! Even do, Jesus was doing amazing things in our small bible study.

I thank Jesus and stand in awe of what he is doing on Thursday nights. Fruit is coming in from all walks of life and it gives me so much Joy to see people that life seems to have thrown away find a place to come and worship and hear the word where they feel safe. I am so thankful to the Holy Spirit for ministering to them in the atmosphere of Thursday nights.

Thank you Jesus.

As always, if you are in Seattle/Bellevue and want to hear the word of God on a Thursday night please to service. It starts at 7PM and we would love to have you.