September means revival

Published on: September 6, 2013

Per my Pastor’s instructions I have moved Seattle revival from Redmond, Washington to Bellevue, Washington into a room at church effective September 1st, 2013.

Satan likes to weave ornate webs of confusion and he is successful in knitting his traps of deceit because he cunningly interweaves truth within his lies.  It takes a discerning spirit to cut away Satan’s guile and recognize his trickery.   To counter the attacks of the enemy, we must put on our spiritual armor.

The belt of truth is the first piece of protection mentioned in Ephesians 1:14.  God’s truth will always dismantle the lies of the evil one. However, we must also know the promises of God written within the pages of the Bible.  How else can we expect the Holy Spirit to bring his lies to our attention? Then, with the living Word at hand, we can use our double-edged sword to cut the craftily woven lies to pieces.

It was a tough battle in Redmond with the enemy attacking instantly within a week of starting Seattle revival a year ago today.  My pastor reminded me of the importance of being under the protection of my church because if you are not under the protection, the enemy will attack you as they did me. There is a reason Jesus called them legion, there are millions of them. I found this out when demons jumped into people that literally turned my life upside down last year.

When I moved into this new room at church, I felt in the spirit not to invite anyone at all during September but to just go Thursday evenings by myself and worship and pray to God and prepare the room. I am so glad I made the decision to do that because spiritually it’s been another battle for me and Jesus has really come through for me in so many ways.  I wanted to “blow out” the room of everything against this ministry  and it worked!

I went and had some business cards printed and only with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will start evangelizing October 1st, and with the help of Jesus try to reach people and bring them Thursday evenings to hear the word.

Thank God for such a wonderful God.