October and I am quitting my music

Published on: October 6, 2012

A producer friend of mine mixed a show for a VERY well known Christian rock band in Seattle a few weeks ago and he told me that the only thing that was “really being played live” were the drums.

I’m not kidding.

The band played the whole show and faked the whole show.

After watching this well know band, that get’s unlimited air play, charm the audience on stage pretending to really play the songs, I realized that Satan has full control now of this industry now from radio, distribution, and even the live show itself.  He told me that all of the “tracks” of the songs from the guitars, vocals, back up tracks (things that are tracked in the studio using Pro Tools) and even the harmonies are being played through a software on a laptop.  See those headphones on the drummer?  He hears 4 clicks, counts off the band, and then the song begins to play, but not by the artists, but by the software! It’s called Syncing.  So all of those guys dancing up there playing and really strutting their stuff are faking it. We all know lip syncing, but now they have taken it to the next step. We have all seen the large “pop” acts that dance and play guitar and sing and rap and so forth. I’ve known for years that this was going on by the R & B industry but I never thought in a million light years that it would come down to Christian music as well.

Honesty. It’s such a lonely word.

Let me tell you why this is a problem for those of you that do not know the music industry;

A song begins in the soul of the person writing it, goose bumps, then divine inspiration, then that leads to tapping it out on paper.  That was the way of it for almost 4000 years. Not anymore.  Those days are long gone now.

Now for the next 200 years you will still have songwriters taping out a song by inspiration on paper and an old pencil, but rarely, and I mean rarely will you ever hear that song sung by the composer. The person with the talent given by God will pass it off to the puppet. I call them “puppets of the enemy”.

You see, the record labels have discovered a little trick, and its called “hit song science”.  Its another software that takes all of the common sequences of every song that was in the top 3 on Billboard since 1951. That’s right. You see where this is going?  So they take the song, run it through the software, then off to the studio they go where the 50-60 year old “studio musicians” track the song using Pro Tools.

Once that is done, and that takes a few weeks for a good song,  they run to find three good 13-15 year old puppets to stand there and play air guitar and air bass. These guys will be the “band”. Usually its one on guitar, one on bass, and one on piano. The drummer will actually know how to play the instrument and that’s important because he is the one that will keep time (with headphones) and tells the band when to start.

The girl or boy they use really does not need to actually hold a tune. They run them into the studio and sing “one word” at a time through the whole song. They then double those words, and with a system called “auto tune”, they can make anyone sound like Beyonce.  The process is simple, they get the kid to sing each word 5 times, and then the engineer (the guys that  really should be paid the big bucks) takes each one of these words, and “auto tunes” the word. Once all of the words of the song is sung by the 13 year old, then the engineer washes it all in reverb and draws out the melody line on a computer!  I am not kidding.  Boy are they going to hate me for this post. I don’t care.

Once he is done, he then repeats this process 5 times until the engineer has created 5 vocal tracks that are 5 different takes actually. When you listen to this track by itself, it sounds like “one take” of the Diva singing the song from beginning to end. He keeps his best take as the “lead” vocal, and then takes the other 4 tracks and overlaps them onto each other slightly, creating what is called a “double”.  When he mixes the song, the double (4 other tracks) is turned up slightly underneath the “best” take and then reverb, echo, and a million other effects are looped on until it sounds pristine.  It sounds like Barbara Streisand, but the difference is that Barb had something these kids don’t. Talent.

So now that the pop song is done, they go to a studio in LA, where the songs are played through a computer and a PA system and they let the “band” practice faking each song in a large mirror until they get it down.  So finally getting to my point of points, what the label really needs is just cute kids. Kids that are VERY easy to manipulate. I won’t name names, but you can all go and Google lip syncing  and find many popular bands that were busted on video and or even Saturday Night Live recently.

So now Satin has the ability to make “anyone” a star.

All they need is good looks and now he can move the masses as he is doing now, subliminally imprinting them with the words of the music.  Telling them anything they want to hear, and hearing is believing when your a kid.  Just imagine what a tool he has at his disposal now. Each one of these kids will eventually be used by the enemy when the timing is right to imprint on these young minds that sex before marriage is “normal” and “OK” or that “drinking” is OK.  The sky is the limit.

The kids think, if “she” can do it, it must be OK Mom. This is not the flesh telling you this brothers and sisters, this is the spirit, this is the truth of what is happening.

Father GOD, I pray Lord that you let loose angels to protect the anointed musicians, and true worship leaders of  the spirit. I pray Father God that real musicians with REAL talent are heard by the masses.

Yours in Christ,