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Taking Time To Praise The Lord

Published on: June 2, 2020

It is important to take time for the Lord. Not only to pray but to remember all that he has done for us. I try to remember this when there seems to be nothing to be thankful for. When I feel this way, I look extra close at the things in my life that God has given me; my family, my wife, my dogs.

Take a step back from your life and I promise you will find something to be thankful for. I too, am guilty of forgetting the things that God has blessed me with. Still, everything that is planned by God is a gift and coming to worship Him is what He loves.

You can give thanks to the Lord by praying, talking or simply coming to worship him with me at the church. I love to see all of His children’s faces in the crowd at church–and even know that some people are attending virtually!

The Lord is always giving us things to be thankful for and times to pray; he’s even given us an entire day to worship Him! I can’t help but take special time out of each day to give thanks to Him and to appreciate how much He has done for me and our parishes in Seattle and Bellevue.

I hope everyone can experience the blessings that God has given and that they are touched by Him in the ways that I have been. The most important thing to remember is that if you think he is not giving you a sign to join Him in the faith, keep looking!

Your loving,

Brother Phil