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The world is on fire, but Jesus Lives grows

Published on: November 22, 2019

I love it when it seems that all of your world is on fire, and your going through yet another round of changes, but on the other side the ministry grows and grows.

God is been changing me in so many ways from how I spend my money to how fast I drive.

My wife and I have really been convicted about staying home more often and not going out for dinner so much because we need to be a better shepherd of our money, because its God’s money, not ours.

While God is changing us, Jesus Lives in Bellevue and Seattle has been growing and growing.

I am so grateful for the new fruit on Thursday nights in Bellevue, and also downtown on Saturday’s in some of the tent city communities that I am working with. One of my favorite communities is Tiny Houses 6 because they are growing faster that any other community.

Some of the people that live there, that have moved out of the community always try and make it to Thursday’s in Bellevue and I see lots of changes with the community, and it feels good.

Look at these guys, they come to church when its 35 degrees in the tent. Who does that?

I love all of them and they are growing so fast but please pray for my fingers. That Taylor guitar hurts when its cold!

Brother Phil