August 9, 2017

August us HOT!

It was 100 degrees here in Seattle today. 100 degrees. So hot! I went and purchased some air conditioners and cropped two of them in the windows of the fireside room at church and put fans in front of those and left them on for a few hours before service… Read More
July 22, 2017

July Diary is growing and last Thursday we had so many in attendance. I know its not about numbers but I am so grateful that Jesus allows me to see fruit on the tree finally after so many months where no one seemed to come. I remember being so discouraged when… Read More
June 9, 2017

June means fresh fruit

June has been smoking hot in Seattle and the Lord is bringing in so much fresh fruit to the ministry. I am so grateful for the souls God is bringing into and its amazing to see God working in the hearts of so many people and to see lives changed. Read More
May 22, 2017

May rain

Will the rain ever stop in Seattle? Will it ever stop raining on us? In so many ways, not just in the physical but also in the spiritual it will rain and that requires a deep trust in Jesus to endure the hardships. Sometimes I want to give up using… Read More
April 22, 2017

April- 2 new people came

I am so excited this evening, I was feeling depressed earlier because we have a small group that comes so when two new people that I have reached out to came to bible study this evening and made a commitment to stay and give their life to Jesus Christ I… Read More
March 13, 2017

March- A fallen world

We live in a fallen world. There are so temptations and distractions everywhere.  Look at the new Disney movie. Listen to the hidden messages in the music. Those who think this life is all there is, that there is no afterlife, take advantage of every pleasure and distraction available to… Read More
February 3, 2017

Miracles in February

I need to thank Jesus for February 2nd, 2017. Jesus is really sprouting fruit on Thursday nights at in that small room with a warm fire in Bellevue that was empty for the first 8 months I started it. I almost gave up during my “time of testing” and… Read More
January 15, 2017

January fruit sprouts!

God bless you and thank you so much for traveling with me through this amazing life with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so excited because this month we had 32 people at service last Thursday! I know that we’re not supposed to measure our success by the number of… Read More
August 10, 2016

July and its Raining

Rain and storms and clouds what is going on in Seattle? The Seattle weather is reflective of my life right now as well. It seems the more fruit that the Seattle Revival tree grows for Christ, the more the enemy sends distractions and many of these distractions are though the most anointed people. Read More
July 30, 2016

A Phil Fischer Devotional: Helpless before God

#seattlebiblestudy #bellevuebiblestudy #dailybiblestudy #dailybibleverse Prayer is a gift. Human beings are the only creatures blessed with the ability to communicate with God. As with any relationship, honest communication is necessary for connections to grow and mature. God is all about intimacy. He loves us with tenderness beyond compare. Yet, many… Read More