July 1, 2020

Seattle in the Summer

It’s summer and that means hot! It reached almost 95 degrees yesterday as I was preaching. Those fans that I purchased a few years ago are really coming in handy around the church every summer. It’s been very hard keeping things cooled off for all of the people who are… Read More
July 1, 2020

Phil Fischer with Jesus Lives – a devotion on “Showing God Kindness”

Be kind. Mothers frequently remind their children to be kind. Share your toys. Be patient with your sibling. Help others. Speak words of love and encouragement. Show compassion. Be friendly and considerate. “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 (NKJV). Read More
June 23, 2020

Phil Fischer with Jesus Lives – a devotion on “Chariots or Juggernauts”

Recently, America has seen an increase in violence and chaos. It appears the devil is attacking on many fronts. He knows his time is short and I believe he’s trying to paralyze mankind with fear. We have had to endure the Coronavirus, economic turmoil, social distancing, and now riots and… Read More
June 16, 2020

A Phil Fischer devotion on “Praise During Adversity”

God is always worthy of our praise. When we consider the reasons why we should praise God, we find a list of His attributes. First, He is good. There is no evil or sin within God. He is pure and righteous. Even though we are rebellious sinners, God loves us. Read More
June 2, 2020

Taking Time To Praise The Lord

It is important to take time for the Lord. Not only to pray but to remember all that he has done for us. I try to remember this when there seems to be nothing to be thankful for. When I feel this way, I look extra close at the things… Read More
June 2, 2020

Phil Fischer with Jesus Lives – a devotion on “A Heavenly Perspective”

2020 has certainly been a challenge. In a very short period of time, everyday life has changed. When the pandemic hit a lot of fear took over. Maintaining A Heavenly Perspective is more important than ever. Wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer was encouraged with great diligence. People lost… Read More
May 7, 2020

Phil Fischer with Jesus Lives – a devotion on Shipwrecked

God will ask us to fulfill individual special missions for His purpose. If we get off course, He may allow a shipwreck. Saul of Tarsus is known worldwide as one of the greatest Christian missionaries. His inspired writings cover a large portion of the New Testament. He was born to… Read More
May 4, 2020

Religious Journeys in Relation to Spring

I’ve come a long way in my religious journey ever since starting and it’s made me realize how special each and every one of God’s children are. Not only the people in my family that God has allowed into my life but also the people of our… Read More
April 16, 2020

A Phil Fischer devotion to help Focus on Jesus and Meditate On These Things

Focus on Jesus, Meditate on positive things and not our problems. A solid Christian foundation will weather this most difficult storm. Now is a really good time to practice positive thinking. It’s easy to stress over the Coronavirus, the falling stock market, job layoffs, or even how to keep our… Read More
April 8, 2020

Phil Fischer with Jesus Lives – an Easter Devotional: A Living Sanctuary

In this Jesus Lives Easter Devotional, we ask “Is the Lord preparing you to be a living sanctuary?” We learn what a living sanctuary means and why you must examine your heart, repent and turn from sin, and offer up sacrifices of praise. Over a month ago, an old praise… Read More