December 1, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and God bless everyone. Its finally here I cannot believe it. December. Christmas. Jesus, and full time ministry. I have to admit that Christmas is my favorite time of the year and despite the pushing and shoving I have been trying to say “Merry Christmas” as often as I… Read More
November 10, 2015

November means Christmas is close

As most of you know I love Christmas time and our home is filled with Christmas decorations strewn over the entire living room. We love this special time of year and most importantly we love hosting bible study in our home and trying to be a good example in Christ. Read More
October 6, 2015

October and the leaves are orange

We love October and most of all I love the leaves that blow around on the ground around Seattle and the east-side. They are so beautiful. I am also noticing people that have not been attending seem to be coming back to church. It’s so good to see old friends and… Read More
September 23, 2015

Leaves are blowing September is here

I love it. I get to start a fire now in the fireplace at and that is so cool. How cool is it to worship Jesus with a fire blasting away and smoke blowing into the rainy September wind! September is a new start for me. I want to… Read More
August 4, 2015

August and

I am very excited! God is really beginning to open up doors for me and I am learning to really push into him with full faith like never before.  The more faith I have in him, the more doors open for me and while I always somehow knew in… Read More
July 16, 2015

July is hot....

HOT HOT HOT I am not kidding, but Seattle is going through a heat wave and its hot.  It was 94 degrees today! The yard is turning yellow! What is going on? The good news is that for the first time in 10 years my tomatoes in the garden are… Read More
May 28, 2015

May means pushing in!

So many of you email and call about this happening or something that has suddenly caused you loss of sleep and endless days of day worry. Please Brothers and Sisters, trust in the Lord and that means taking this time to praise him and push in and NOT worry about… Read More
April 5, 2015

April is breakthrough month

Are you ready for your break-through? Have you been stepped over in your church so many times your new nickname is “invisible”? I know, believe me I know how you feel. God is preparing you. He is preparing us. In so many ways it’s been so hard, and it seems… Read More
March 17, 2015

March means trusting in God

Many of you email me about your trials, problems, and situations and together we pay through all of the concerns but lately God has really began teaching me about the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer. Prayer is so powerful. It really is but only if you have sincere… Read More
February 12, 2015

Israel and Palistine were amazing

My trip to Israel, Palestine, and Iraq was so amazing. The whole area of Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq and Syria are steeped in ancient history and you can feel it when you go there. I am so  glad I listened to the Holy Spirit and took a month off to… Read More