July 28, 2014

July and were halfway through...

I cannot believe that we are halfway through this year.  2014 is halfway over. This year has been difficult for our family with what seems like a continual conveyor belt of trials, but the Lord has brought me out of each one of them with a renewed belief in his… Read More
June 23, 2014

June brings wisdom

I love it when God reveals things to us and we finally “get it”. Beginning with my very first encounter with the Holy Spirit ten years ago,  I have slowly noticed that during the times when I am on fire for Christ the most such as when I am in… Read More
May 7, 2014

May is the month to learn to "watch our words"

Words can breath life into your situation. I was rebuked by a Joyce Meyer program where she preached on the power of  words. Words can speak healing and words can speak to the enemy and prolong our trial. It was then that I learned that whining about my situation to… Read More
April 18, 2014

April has hidden sunshine

Thank you so much Jesus for sunshine.  This month I have began to see so much sunshine from Jesus because I have learned to thank Jesus for each day.  Each day is a blessing and Solomon learned that by living each day as its own seperate lifetime, the days last… Read More
March 15, 2014

March is the month!

So many emails from many of you over this month on just how hard it’s been for many of you.  I am hear to tell you that the Lord is good and he is going to pull us out of this situation that we are in and he is going… Read More
February 14, 2014

February is a good month to prune

Am I the only one the Lord is pruning right now? This strange trial is now in it’s two year voyage.   The very moment when I come into dock for a break, and I feel its maybe finally over, here comes a frightening email out of the blue, or a… Read More
January 17, 2014

January brings more rain

I am not talking about the drippy Seattle rain that is coming down as I right this diary. I am talking about the rain of trials. It’s amazing when you are released from one trial how another trial comes up immediately to haunt you.  January has been a tough month… Read More
December 10, 2013

Have yourself a very merry Christmas

I love this time of year and even though we don't have two sticks to rub together this Christmas,  somehow the closeness of it all makes it worth it. I have never been so close to my family and my kids than I am right now and for the first time in my life I actually have spent quality time with my family. That statement sounds so bad, but Dad's tend to work and bring home the bacon and then pass out. That was me. But during the last three months I have been helping both of my boys do their homework every single day.  After a meeting with the teachers, I decided to take on a "hands on" approach.  While I work as a part time CEO,  and then serve on Wednesday and Thursday I still made it a point to spend an hour from 5-6PM doing just homework. It was hard, but what a change it has made in their lives. Read More
November 18, 2013

November and a praise report

Praise Jesus and I give him all of the glory. I love November because it means Christmas is right around the corner and that is my families favorite time of the year.  We love Christmas, getting the lights up, and most importantly we love honoring the birth of our Savior. Read More
October 3, 2013

October is time to thank Jesus!

October marks the anniversary of what I can safely say has been the most trying and exhausting 12 months of life!   What a ride this has been! Last night at bible study we discussed what an unusual year it has been for everyone,  and we had special prayer for my… Read More