November 7, 2012

November Diary

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I hope this month brings forth renewed Joy in the spirit in your hearts and souls and I pray that you keep holding onto the faith that Jesus Christ is the truth and the light. I know that faith is hard sometimes, but it's the riddle inside the enigma that once you obtain will allow believers to feel the Holy Spirit and understand God's word, follow it, and bring forth changes to better the Kingdom of Heaven. Read More
October 6, 2012

October and I am quitting my music

A producer friend of mine mixed a show for a VERY well known Christian rock band in Seattle a few weeks ago and he told me that the only thing that was "really being played live" were the drums. I'm not kidding. The band played the whole show and faked the whole show. After watching this well know band, that get's unlimited air play, charm the audience on stage pretending to really play the songs, I realized that Satan has full control now of this industry now from radio, distribution, and even the live show itself.  He told me that all of the "tracks" of the songs from the guitars, vocals, back up tracks (things that are tracked in the studio using Pro Tools) and even the harmonies are being played through a software on a laptop.  See those headphones on the drummer?   Read More
June 6, 2010

Hot Seattle July

I don’t know about this Jesus thing. It’s too hard. Someone tell me why you cant get your music on the radio. This is insane.  I am not paying. Pray for me. Read More
March 5, 2010

March Music Madness

It would be a severe understatement to say that my entrance into the Christian music industry has been a roller coaster ride. 8 million downloads why won’t anyone spin me. I’ve experienced the heights of success and the lows of failure. I’ve gained new fans and lost old ones. I’ve… Read More