January 17, 2014

January brings more rain

I am not talking about the drippy Seattle rain that is coming down as I right this diary. I am talking about the rain of trials. It’s amazing when you are released from one trial how another trial comes up immediately to haunt you.  January has been a tough month… Read More
December 10, 2013

Have yourself a very merry Christmas

I love this time of year and even though we don't have two sticks to rub together this Christmas,  somehow the closeness of it all makes it worth it. I have never been so close to my family and my kids than I am right now and for the first time in my life I actually have spent quality time with my family. That statement sounds so bad, but Dad's tend to work and bring home the bacon and then pass out. That was me. But during the last three months I have been helping both of my boys do their homework every single day.  After a meeting with the teachers, I decided to take on a "hands on" approach.  While I work as a part time CEO,  and then serve on Wednesday and Thursday I still made it a point to spend an hour from 5-6PM doing just homework. It was hard, but what a change it has made in their lives. Read More
November 18, 2013

November and a praise report

Praise Jesus and I give him all of the glory. I love November because it means Christmas is right around the corner and that is my families favorite time of the year.  We love Christmas, getting the lights up, and most importantly we love honoring the birth of our Savior. Read More
October 3, 2013

October is time to thank Jesus!

October marks the anniversary of what I can safely say has been the most trying and exhausting 12 months of life!   What a ride this has been! Last night at bible study we discussed what an unusual year it has been for everyone,  and we had special prayer for my… Read More
September 6, 2013

September means revival

Per my Pastor’s instructions I have moved Seattle revival from Redmond, Washington to Bellevue, Washington into a room at church effective September 1st, 2013. Satan likes to weave ornate webs of confusion and he is successful in knitting his traps of deceit because he cunningly interweaves truth within his lies. … Read More
August 14, 2013

August means Alaska

Every two years my wife and three small bear cubs travel up to the arctic circle via the Alaska highway in our over sized truck to meet with family and friends and spend time in the wilderness near where I grew up for the first 20 years of my life. … Read More
July 11, 2013

July is full of hope

It’s been a tough year for me. I know it has been for you too because I read your emails, all of them. God bless you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I often times complain, reveal, and express the way I feel with my diary… Read More
June 1, 2013

June Diary Still Fighting

I am so glad June is here. Praise Jesus.  I woke up feeling different this morning, I don’t know why. My three kids came flying into our bed this morning and we watched Bug’s Bunny for two hours. I made them “Dad’s toast and egg’s” and then I was in… Read More
May 7, 2013

May has been a time of change

Changing is everything as a Christian and there have been numerous changes in my world lately.   Strange circumstances, strange trials, tribulations, and hardships for my wife and I but I know they are all for a reason. My mother had a stroke, my grandmother a heart attack, and the… Read More
April 8, 2013

April has been amazing!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ… Thank you so much for your support over the years.  April has been an amazing month.  Change in the air. Problems going away. Good for the ministry, good for the office, and good for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus is slowly pulling me out… Read More